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The Seagull Festival


Located only 20 minutes from our 4-star camp site in Plomodiern, come and explore the town of Douarnenez and its famous seagull festival !



Dive right in Breton folklore festival with the Gulls. The opportunity to discover the customs law of 1900 all came out and taste the typical Breton cuisine and tasty.


In 1906, the sardine fishery decreased significantly in Douarnenez. Poverty sets in homes. The Union Commerce and Industry imagine a party whose profits would be used to help the needy.

Each plant has a candidate in the election. The best "artisan" chosen by the spectators at a ball and becomes the queen presided the event. Wearing a white suit wedding and a cornet, the lucky one reflects the image of the seagull. Quite naturally she becomes Queen of Seagulls.

Over the years, the event appears to be unavoidable in Douarnenez. It builds on the success of carnival floats, bands, contests, costumes, organizing games, a water festival and concerts.

The Great War put an end to the festivities.

It was not until 1953, the third Sunday in July for a new Committee "in Startigène Stern" restores its heyday. The Feast of Seagulls became a very popular event in Britain. Right in the context of economic growth, the event is more of a necessity as yet in its infancy. In 1973, the annual event ended to exist.

The 80 mark a widespread awareness in Britain. Douarnenez is not far behind. To help preserve the values ​​of its culture and its heritage, the Festival of Seagulls was relaunched in 1998.

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